Microwaved Sweet Potato

How have I just discovered this?  It's probably because I've lived without a microwave in two of my previous apartments.  Apparently you can nuke sweet potatoes.  You should, really.  I made a meal out of it - lunch, dinner - whatever it is that happens at 4:30.  This is too silly to write up as a recipe, but what the heck.

One sweet potato (1/2-1 lb)
Earth Balance (optional)

Put sweet potato on a paper towel on a plate, poke with a fork a few times, and microwave for 5-10 minutes.  Mine was about 3/4 pound, and 8 minutes seemed just right.  Add Earth Balance.  Enjoy!

Now, on to the debate (no, not the one about yams and sweet potatoes - Whole Foods claims sweet potatoes are a kind of yam, Barbara Kafka of Vegetable Love says they're different, and I'm not sure I care).  No, this debate: what do we call the meal that's eaten in the late afternoon, after a late morning brunch?  Lundinner?  Dunch?  Linner?


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