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A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

While I understand and respect the various objections to Thanksgiving, for me it is an excuse to cook and to eat particular kinds of foods, always with copious amounts of gravy.  This year, I had a nice, quiet day at home with my Tofurky.  I was so pleased with how everything turned out that I decided to post it here, after my long hiatus from blogging.

Here is what I had:
Tofurky roast with homemade gravy
Quinoa with mushrooms
Braised Brussels sprouts with maple walnuts
Five seed bread (like this bread, but with chia instead of bulgur wheat)
Apple custard crumb pie with vanilla Rice Dream

I'll do my best to reproduce the recipes here, but keep in mind that I made them up as I went along, and so amounts are my best guesses.

This is for the small Tofurky roast (not the whole dinner package).  Remove the Tofurky from its plastic wrapping and place it in a casserole pan with a lid with large pieces of veggies (some combination of carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms).  Mix 1 cup o…