Beet Carrot Apple Juice

When I was a kid, my favorite color was magenta.  I think I loved the word (which I of course learned from a box of Crayolas) as much as the color itself.  While my favorite color has matured (or devolved) into the popular blue, I must admit that magenta still makes me happy.  When I got my juicer this fall, I discovered that I can drink magenta - and it's sweet! 

Beet juice should be drunk in moderation, according to anyone who writes about this on the interwebs.  Beets have a very high oxalate content, which can be toxic in large amounts, and oxalate likes to bind with calcium.  So don't juice it with fruits and vegetables high in calcium, like oranges or leafy greens, or you'll get a bunch of gritty calcium oxalate in your magenta juice.  And don't drink it at all if you get kidney stones. 

That said, it's a wonderful world where this:

 becomes this:

That's a tall glass of magenta - Yum!


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