Creamy Ravioli with Tomatoes and Capers

This is less a recipe than an unpaid advertisement for Rising Moon Organics ravioli.  They have a bunch of vegan options, and they seem to be on sale at Whole Foods and food coops on a fairly regular basis.  Also, they are delicious - which is apparently not an easy thing to do; I tried another brand at WF, and it was terrible.  On the other hand, preparing them is very easy.  Anyway, if you are not yet aware of this stuff, give it a try.

I used the Garlic & Herb variety this time, but the three shown are my favorites.

Cut tomatoes into bite-sized pieces.  In this case, I used these small (1-1/2-2" diameter) tomatoes and cut them in quarters.  (Darn blogger editing won't let me put two photos side by side.  Let me know if you have advice for editing!)  Put cut tomatoes in serving bowl.

Cook the ravioli according to package directions (half a package is one serving).  Drain and return to pan.  Add the Vegan Alfredo Sauce and some capers (maybe a tablespoon) and heat on medium for a few minutes until hot.  Pour over tomatoes in bowl, stir, and serve.  The tomatoes don't heat all the way through, but they hold their shape and fresh flavor.

Approximate nutrition info is 426 calories, 61g carbs, 14g fat, and 15g protein.


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