Carrot Apple Beet Ginger Juice

I have no photos on this one; it's simply a note about a realization.  I have beet juice about once a week for its cleansing qualities (whatever that means).  Really, it's because Boston Organics keeps putting them in my bin, and I'm too lazy to figure out how to cook them.  Also, while I've had delicious beet dishes in adulthood, it's hard to disassociate beets in my mind from the slimy, vinegary canned version.

At any rate, drinking beet juice (even with a 1:3-4 ratio of beets:carrots/apples) can be an intense experience on the digestive organs.  It's not pain, but there is a very odd, uncomfortable sensation that brings awareness to the abdomen.

I've been using ginger in various forms (ginger candy, ginger tea) to help with nausea and upset stomach for about a year now, with great succes.  So in anticipation of the weird abdominal sensations, I tried putting a bit of ginger in with my juice.  I used a piece about an inch long and half-inch in diameter, about the size of my thumb between the first knuckle and the second, and put it in the juicer with a quartered apple.  Add a jumbo carrot (about 3-4 small carrots) and 1/2 medium beet, and you get a sweet, vibrant juice with a subtle bite.

Voila!  No digestive problems.  I also drank the juice while eating a sandwich (with yesterday's bread!), but I think it's the ginger that really made the difference.


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