Camping with Greens

I spent a few days camping at Savoy Mountain State Forest this week, and on the way out there, I picked up my CSA share.  I found myself with the following haul: two quarts of strawberries, two tomatoes (which could use a couple more days of ripening, imho), a bag of spinach, a bunch of rainbow chard, and a head of green leaf lettuce.  The strawberries were too good for anything but eating straight, as many as I could in three days.  I saved the spinach and tomatoes in the cooler, and they survived quite well the return home.  But I had to use some of the greens, no?  How does one cook greens on a campfire?  I could have cheated and used my camp stove, but instead I had great success steaming them in foil.

Soaking the greens in fresh water in the wash basin, just as I would do at home, removed all the grit and such.  I saved the water for the first rinse of the dirty dishes.

Break up the chard and the lettuce separately by hand.

Mix together the following to make a salad dressing for the lettuce:
2 packets of soy sauce
pea-sized amount of wasabi
dash of lemongrass
pinch of galangal
dollop of maple syrup
good helping of sesame seeds

Did I mention that I always take a little box of spices with me when I travel (and have the prospect of cooking)?

For the rainbow chard: Lay out greens on a large piece of aluminum foil.  

Sprinkle olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt, and black pepper on the greens, and toss together.

Fold foil lengthwise and secure closed.

Join ends of foil together to form a handle.  Heat over fire and allow greens to steam until wilted.

Those are Field Roast Vegan Frankfurters on Whole Foods organic whole wheat buns.  My new favorite hot dogs!


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